President - Fred Levett

fred l

Fred was introduced to caving as a teenager by a caver he never met!  Visiting Watford library, he found a row of caving books about a subject he found fascinating but never expected to have the opportunity to try.  At Sussex University the opportunity finally arose and that early interest has never diminished.  Whoever ordered those books remains unknown but he is eternally grateful.

Fred joined the Club in 1972 as he left Sussex University Caving Club and moved to Bangor in N Wales.  A former President, and Chairman on two occasions he has worked hard to promote the Club’s interests.  He served as Secretary to the OFDCMC for 9 years and was closely involved in two successful projects to buy additional land to protect OFD and sustain access for cavers.

He also supported cave rescue for over 40 years retiring as the final Chairman of the West Brecon Team before merger with Gwent to form the South and Mid-Wales Team.  As an advanced first- aider, he and others promoted better standards of care and training for those injured underground, teaching on the British Red Cross accredited course.

With the Club he has travelled widely in the UK and overseas and met many fellow cavers in pursuit of a shared passion.  His high regard for fellow cavers makes the election to President by members very special to him.


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