BABYSITTERS DIG August Bank Holiday 1998

by Chris Grimmett

Photos by Chris Pepper

The winch was set up on the Friday night, to try and assist an early start on Saturday.

Most of Saturday was spent removing the now statutory 160 buckets of water, plus 5 frogs and a late shrew. Some actual spoil was also taken out.

Sam Moore installed some preliminary fortifications under the hanging death over the digging area.

Unfortunately only limited progress downwards was achieved on Sunday, digging being in the most difficult kind of infill; mud interspersed with many small stones. Most of these being too small to be removed on their own yet big enough to stop a spade, and so prevent decent shovelling.

Digging on the Monday was even slower, mainly due to the digging party consisting of just one person until gone noon.

It was generally agreed that in future, a pump is now mandatory if a sensible rate of progress is to be achieved.