Babysitters' Dig

Panorama from the Dig Click picture for a larger 209K version

The dig known as Babysitters' continues to make progress.

Babysitters' is a similar distance from the SWCC cottages as Ogof Ffynnon Ddu top entrance. The name comes from the fact that the dig was started by various members who had been left on the surface by their spouses to look after the children. As it was a pleasant day all the children were taken for a walk up the hill, where their parents discovered what looked like the top of a vertical shaft filled with glacial drift. Babysitters still work on the dig, but have co-opted others to assist.

Clark Friend, Simon Amatt and Chris Grimmett surprised to have extracted the boulder despite the Maillon on the chain having opened up due to overloading! (Click for larger version 100k)

A view down the shaft showing the promising solid, fluted walls. (86k)

Much good effort was put into digging during the Clwb50 week (27th July to the 4th of August) and new equipment helped speed the work. see Chris Grimmett's report.

Last Updated: 21 August 1996