Sub-Committees and Working Groups

Sub-Committee / Working group Members / Contact
Communications policy Tim Lewingdon, Chloe Francis; Martin Hoff; Piers Hallihan
Wealden CMS Lease Liaison Committee Gary Vaughan, Piers Hallihan, Clark Friend
Policy Document, Handbook, Duty Officer Instruction review group Gary Vaughan, Tony Baker, Paul Meredith, Chris Grimmett
70th Anniversary Dinner Organisers Peter Cardy, Vince Allkins, Gary Vaughan, Chloe Francis
OFD Survey Liaison Harvey Lomas
Adopt a club Liaison Gary Vaughan
Digital Destination Board Working Group Gary Vaughan, Neil Weymouth
Fixed Aids Working Party Martin Hoff plus others, to be advised
Land Leasing working Group Allan Richardson, Bernie Woodley
Archive Sub Committee Allan Richardson, Fred Levett, Sue Goodhead, Jem Rowland
EuroSpeleo 2016 Allan Richardson
Estates / Risk Management Chris Grimmett, Kevin Diffy, Paul Meredith
Editorial / Journal compilation group Chloe Francis
Governance / constitutional Review working group Fred Levett, Kevin Diffy, Jem Rowland, Gary Vaughan
Meets and Social Chloe Francis, Claire Vivian
Water Supply Working Group Gary Vaughan, Peter Cardey, Paul Meredith, John Harvey
Roof Replacement Working Group Paul Meredith, Chris Grimmett

















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