Ogof Ffynnon Ddu Cave Advisory Group (OFDCAG)

Following the withdrawal of NRW (National Resources Wales) from the direct management of OFD via the OFDCMC (OFD Cave Management Committee), a new committee of SWCC was set up, in conjunction with NRW, to advise both SWCC and NRW regarding various aspect of the cave and caving in the OFD area. This is the Ogof Ffynnon Ddu Cave Advisory Group, as detailed in the Terms of Reference and the Memorandum of Understanding below. For information about access to OFD, click here.


OFD CAG Members

Chair: Tony Baker
Secretary: Allan Richardson
OFD Wardens (up to 10)
SWCC Conservation Officer: Dave Dobson
SWCC Fixed Aids Officer: Andrew McLeod
SWCC Permit Secretary: Luke Ashton
Cambrian Caving Council representative
Two club representatives from the Annual Permit Holding clubs
South and Mid-Wales Cave Rescue Team (SMWCRT) representative

OFD Annual Permit Holding Clubs

Click here for the list of Annual Permit holders

Upcoming Meetings

The next OFD CAG meeting date is to be confirmed.

Meeting Minutes

The Columns

Access to the columns is restricted in the interests of conservation. On Columns days, access is managed by OFD Wardens. Columns days are New Year plus the Sunday of every bank holiday weekend.

Date Bank Holiday Assigned Wardens
Monday 1st January 2024 New Year's Day Claire Vivian, Si Lowis, Andrew McLeod, Jo White
Sunday 31st March 2024 Easter Sunday Claire Vivian, Duncan Hornby
Sunday 5th May 2024 Early May Bank Holiday Tomasz Zalewski, Dave Dobson, Andrew Dobson
Sunday 26th May 2024 Spring Bank Holiday Nicola Pearce, Dave Dobson, Andrew Dobson
Sunday 25th August 2024 Summer Bank Holiday Si Lowis, Nicola Pearce
Wednesday 1st January 2025 New Year's Day Andrew McLeod, Jo White