Sunday 26 August 2018 10:00
Columns Open Day

The Columns will be open for visits today

Access to the Columns ( in OFD II ) has been restricted since 1978 following a number of incidents of wanton damage to the area. The Columns and adjacent floor are particularly vulnerable because, being formed from limekiln seepage, they are much more fragile than conventional calcite formations. All parties visiting the Columns must therefore be accompanied by a Warden. Wardens will normally be available to accompany parties on the Sundays of the Easter, May Day, Spring, and August Bank Holidays, and New Years Day itself. Parties wishing to visit the Columns at these times do not need to make any prior arrangement, but should have a valid permit for OFD II and should make themselves known to the Warden by 10.00am on the day, either in person or by phone (01639 730613). Wardens will normally be available at The Columns between noon and 1500 each open day. It is to be noted that it is not the job of the Warden to lead parties to The Columns, only to meet by arrangement. Parties wishing to use the upper entrance must be suitably prepared with either ladders and lifelines or SRT kit. Please read the Access Conditions before applying.