Caving in South Wales

There is a wide variety of caves in South Wales and many are within a short walk or drive from SWCC HQ. The closest cave is Ogof Ffynnon Ddu, with cave passages running close to beneath the HQ! Dan-Yr-Ogof is another major cave that is close by and is located on the other side of the valley.

Information about other caves in South Wales can be found either on the Cambrian Caving Council website or at Caves of South Wales.

We also have information on access procedures and can provide information on likely conditions.

We also have a catalogue of all the Cave sites in the OFD Area.


Access Arrangements and Information

Please see the links below for information on access and conditions for caves in the area.

At weekends, to obtain cave entrance keys, please see the Duty Officer. So that the Duty officer gets some free time, keys must be collected before 11.00 am and should be returned to the 'Drop Box' at the cottage.

Mid-week, keys can be collected from the same people who hold Keys for the HQ, please arrange access with them well in advance of your planned trip. Alternatively mid-week access can be facilitated through the key boxes at the HQ. 

All cavers collecting keys from SWCC must use the Destination Board at the SWCC Headquarters. It is highly recommended to use this system even if your chosen cave does not have gated access, if your trip is based at the club.

Please note that in the interests of conservation, the use of carbide/acetylene lamps is not permitted in any of the caves in the South Wales area.