Working Week 2008

a compilation by Chris Grimmett

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Setting up
Planning for the Working Week starts around the new year with an assessment of what needs to be done.  Plans are put to the Committee in the early Spring and by March the first items are on order.  Prior to Working Week itself, critical raw materials are delivered as shown here.

Heavy stuff
When there are larger jobs to be done, we have delivered to us quite considerable quantities of sand, gravel, cement and other materials that cannot be brought in by car.

Dumper truck problems .....
Before the Working Week was even under way, Brian managed to modify the starting handle for the dumper truck.  It was decided that it did not work well when it was in two pieces so when Graham Christian arrived several hours later he was sent straight into the workshop to get welding.  Thankfully, a good repair was achieved.

Ladies' Showers - another problem
The walls and floor in Ladies' Showers had been rendered and flattened by a contractor.  Unfortunately, he had a bad day on one of the walls which was in very poor condition and would have been difficult to work on.  There remained a large dip in the lower section of the wall which was going to be impossible to tile.  Vince Allkins and Chris Grimmett battened the walls for tiling but decided that the bad wall required more filling

Boys' toys
No Working Week would be complete without a mini-digger with which to make holes in the car park to trap unwary visitors.  Together with a large cement mixer, this was delivered to site.

Ready to go
There remained just one important task to complete before the week could get under way.  Here, Brian Clipstone surveys the stillage in the Small Common Room.  Regrettably, one cask exploded in Harvey Lomas' car its way down to Penwyllt resulting in a very smelly vehicle, a wrecked car radio and the loss of several litres of beer.

With the other problems already identified, we began to get the message that this Working Week was not going to be an easy one .....