Working Week 2008

a compilation by Chris Grimmett

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Various jobs
Sue Mabbett and Haley Meredith kept very busy painting all of the main areas of the cottages that have to be done annually.

To prevent damage to the front door of Married, Harvey produced a doorstop.

A recalcitrant window sill
Allan transferred his attentions to the window sill in Gents' Changing Rooms.  He came to a rapid halt when it was discovered the sill had been constructed from Galpinite.  Another approach was clearly required.



Irritating the Dragons
We had a new gas hob and extractor to fit in the main kitchen, replacing a faulty one and hopefully improving the removal of steam.  Allan and Chris P. got under way with the work.

As the afternoon wore on, Dragons started to appear from round the corner, anxious to prepare the evening meal.  Work was halted.

A dog's dinner
Gruff ought to have known better than to take on any larger dog, let alone one that looks closely related to a wolf.  Amazingly he survived the encounter and the two seemed to get on quite well.

With the bulk of the gas hob exchange work done, Allan went to replace the corner cupboard when it collapsed (allegedly).  Claiming it was beyond repair, he then helped it to collapse further.

The best that MFI could offer from its budget range was shortly no more.