Working Week 2008

a compilation by Chris Grimmett

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Extractor - inside and out
Vince and Allan continued fitting the new extractor in the main kitchen.  This entailed chain drilling a large hole in the wall through to the alley.  Persistence with a large hammer drill and bit paid off and a suitably sized hole appeared.

Younger persons
The SWCC Working Week Planned Parenting Programme encourages couples to provide a constant source of workers for the future.  This will ensure that when the current workers are on their zimmer frames (not too long now), the younger ones can be installing the proposed stair lifts in Nos. 8 and 10.  Training starts at around the age of 3 with emulsion painting, moving along to gloss painting at 5, power tools at 10 and finally diggers and dumpers once their legs are long enough to reach the pedals.

Older persons
The mainstay of Working Week operations continues to be older members.  They have the wisdom and experience to plan and execute the tasks but increasingly suffer from a variety of ailments; typically failing knees, over indulgence, inability to get up in the morning, bad backs, various eyesight anomalies, poor short term memory, err - something else, inability to measure distances to an accuracy better than 100mm and dressing gowns.

It often becomes necessary to pair them up in order to make one reasonably able-bodied entity that can complete a simple task.

And it rained, yet again, for a lot of the day