Working Week 2008

a compilation by Chris Grimmett

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Post-Working Week            Out-takes


Many were kept awake overnight by rattling slates as the wind speed increased; some slates were blown off the roof of No. 1.  Together with the rain, the weather made outside work almost impossible.

Simon and Iain contemplate the washdown area from the shelter of the dumper truck shed.

Inside ..... and outside
The inhabitants of Married continued to apply red paint to their walls and furniture, assisted here by the President, Peter Harvey.  During the day, red paint began to transfer itself from small children to all sorts of unlikely places.

John Lister carried on outside in full protective gear; the sort you wear in early summer at Penwyllt.

Outside ..... and inside
Tiling in Ladies' became exceedingly popular as it was comparatively warm and dry.  Unfortunately, progress was slowed when the lines came down in the valley and we had to work on generator power only.

Graham bravely tackled the No.8 urinal problem and made some interesting discoveries about the state of the plumbing.

Ladies' (continued)
Dave Dobson made some adjustments to an undersized hole into Ladies' so that pipework could be routed from Gents'.

At the very end of the day, a tiling party tackled the difficult problem of sticking tiles upside down on the gallows bracket covering.
This required holding them in place for at least 10 minutes while the adhesive took hold.

Intermittent power cuts lasted long into the evening and some went to bed by candlelight.  Power was restored around midnight but there were further short outages the following day.