Working Week 2008

a compilation by Chris Grimmett

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Boiler Room
As it had stopped raining for a while, the opportunity was taken to clear out the very untidy boiler room.  A considerable quantity of rubbish was removed and plenty of space made for people to fill up with more rubbish.

Cubicles !!
Having waited all week for the tilers to complete their work, Allan was allowed into Ladies' Showers to erect the cubicles and screen.

New doors, please .....
The programme to replace the old and increasingly fragile outside doors continued.  This year it was the turn of the main No.6 door into the cottages.

Not much later, a brand new door.

Investors in People
The Working Week is a training ground for all sorts of skills; it is often said that people should come and make a complete bodge of a job at the Club before attempting a similar task in their own home.  If Dr. Jones falls on hard times, she can now get a job on a building site driving a dumper.

A fine example of bodging at the Club and of a person requiring a lot of training investment cropped up in Ladies' Showers.  Somebody could not read his rule properly and marked out wrongly the holes for mounting the cubicles.  As a result, four wall tiles had to be smashed off and replaced.