Working Week 2008

a compilation by Chris Grimmett

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Dogs and mad Englishmen .....
The Club became overwhelmed with dogs who generally got in the way but were quite amusing.  Shown here is Gruff; small but with great character and willing to take on all comers.  This is useful as most of them are many times his size.

Andy Amatt came along to help, but soon cracked under the strain and is seen here threatening to throw himself off the roof.

Demolition Man
Allan Richardson returned from doing his stint as Columns warden and felt the need to take something apart.  No window sill or wooden lintel was safe from this point onwards.  Radiators and sills in the drying room and Gents' Changing Room were targetted.

More tilers
Sue and Keith Goodhead arrived and set to in Ladies' Showers with the wall tiling.  Progress slowed a bit as this time there were more tiles to cut and shape rather than simply stick to the wall.

Water works
The water leak was repaired and construction began of a blockwork chamber to house the connection off to the new washdown area and in future, a water meter.

Progress was made with the washdown area itself; the drainage was now in and postholes being dug.

After hours 1
The Working Week does feature short periods when people can relax and recover from the day's labours.  The Small Common Room becomes the focus of attention before and after dinner.

Pete Hobson demonstrates an unusual method of canine transport.

After hours 2
Tess Lister.

Simon, the Dobsons and Brian all positioned strategically close to the beer supply.