Working Week 2008

a compilation by Chris Grimmett

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Post-Working Week

Over the weekend of 5th./6th. July, the usual suspects carried on the work outstanding from the Working Week, finishing off Ladies' Showers and the washdown area.

Washdown area
Allan and Vince needed to trim down the fence panels before they would fit properly.

Washdown area
The large sink that was outside Ladies' Showers has now been relocated to the new washdown area and has been joined by a large double drainer sink set.  For the time being, the rope washer remains in its previous position.

The local sheep indicate their opinion of the structure.

Ladies' Showers
The floor grouting was completed, one or two leaks fixed and general finishing jobs done before the showers could be out into action.

Ladies' Showers
The showers now have an entrance screen that really does stop people looking in, a more efficient radiator and a double glazed window.

There are three shower cubicles, bench seating and an area to hang wet oversuits and undersuits.

Ladies' Showers - commissioning
Janine, Helen and Nicole returned from caving on Sunday 6th. July to find that they were going to have the honour of the first showers in the new Ladies'.  Thankfully, it all worked.

Voyeur problems .....


The project was initiated back in the Working Week of May 2007 when the rotten ceiling and window were replaced. At this stage it was discovered that the old chimney was supported on just a few second-hand floorboard sections and that structural modifications were needed before things could proceed. Strengthening work was carried out in December 2007 while ladies struggled on showering in conditions even more sordid than before.

Ladies' Showers was finally decommissioned on 21st. March 2008 and was sorely missed by absolutely nobody. The room was gutted over Easter and the walls and floor rendered and the ceiling plastered in time for the Working Week in May.

The majority of the work had been carried out by the end of the Working Week but a few jobs including the cubicle doors and grouting the floor ran over schedule. Many people were involved at various stages along the way and some of them put in a great deal of work to help make it all happen. Despite a few problems along the way, the project was completed just five weeks late and on budget.