Working Week 2008

a compilation by Chris Grimmett

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Tiles - wall
The weather had improved, the electricity remained on and apart from a few corners, most of the wall tiles were now fixed thanks to efforts mainly by Damien Thomas, Sue and Keith Goodhead, Lizzy Neves, Andy and Dave Dobson.

Tiles - floor
The next stage was to fix the floor tiles.  These were put down in four quadrants, starting from the centre in traditional fashion.  Progress was fast as the tilers ignored all the edges that needed cutting and concentrated on getting the floor covered as quickly as possible.

Measurement problems
It had not so far been a good week for measurements and the latest in the string of mistakes was found when Graham tried to fit the manhole lids.  There had been no allowance made for the reinforcing pieces under the covers and these fouled on the blocks.  The problem was solved by slotting the blocks to suit.

Penwyllt Henge
The washdown area now began to take on the look of a location for carrying out druidical rites.  At long last it now had all its services installed, the remains of the party quarry stage in there as hardcore and the fence posts set.  It looked as if there were finally a risk of concrete mixing on the following day.

Something in the dumper shed .....
All week, the site had been subject to visits by OfWoW and their inspector, with the backing of 27 years Working Week experience had smelt a rat.  The rat turned out to be Gruff in rather poor light; an easy mistake to make.  But in addition, there was carpentry equipment secreted away and a suspiciously large amount of sawdust.  It did look as if there were something nasty in the woodshed dumper shed.  Note:- in these PC days, it is no longer possible to find anything at all in a woodpile (other than wood)

The evening dinner was a special one, courtesy of Peter Harvey, SWCC president - to commemorate his 87th. birthday earlier in the week.