Working Week 2008

a compilation by Chris Grimmett

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With the newly plastered roof in Ladies' having had a coat of PVA, Chris Pepper set about applying a base coat of white paint, dressed fetchingly in his Tyvek suit.

Sam Moore started fitting chromium plated tubing in Gents' and tidying up the redundant pipework.

Trying to find the water
Early efforts with the mini-digger failed to reveal the incoming water supply pipe which we needed to find.  Luckily (and contrary to usual practice), we also failed to uproot either the electricity or gas supplies.

With no better plan to hand, Graham got out his dowsing rods.

Trying to stop the water
To save face, the digging team pretended that they had wanted to dig a trench right across the entrance to the cottages anyway.

Shortly afterwards, the pipe was found by the very traditional method of ripping it out with the digger.

Tiling on
Meanwhile in Ladies' Showers, the tilers made a good start.  With huge amounts of filler on the bad wall, it was necessary to start on the opposite side of the room so that the repairs could dry out before tiling.

A good proportion of two walls was covered by nightfall, despite running on reduced water supplies.

Yet more water problems
Soon after the water pipe had been breached, the flow stopped anyway as the tanks up the hill had run out.  A maintenance party was despatched and after a while, they restored some flow to the system.  It was then found that the connection in the hole was leaking and so it remained overnight as the rain started, accompanied by a very strong Easterly wind that set in for three days.