Working Week 2008

a compilation by Chris Grimmett

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A threat of concrete
The washdown area team, conscious of the fact that time was running out, made the final preparations for mixing and pouring.  Worried that there were insufficient materials to make enough concrete to fill the base, an order was placed down the valley and collected later by Vince and Allan using their vans and trailers.

Other goings on .....
As everybody was very busy, there was no time to walk the dog.  For Gruff, the problem was tackled by using the concrete mixer as a larger version of a hamster wheel.  Once he had worked out the direction to run, and how to jump over the blades, it worked quite well.

In an attempt no doubt to confuse OfWoW, Phil and Dave moved their centre of operations to Rescue.

Meanwhile, elsewhere .....
The changes made the previous year to the New Locker Room and this year to Ladies' Showers required some replumbing of the heating pipework in these areas.  Brian undertook this task and achieved it with only minimal damage to the electricity cables.

The lintel in Gents' Changing Room was the next to come down and be replaced.

Concrete !!
By afternoon, all was ready and concrete began to happen.  As the mixer was a large one, the volume was filled in a comparatively short time.  The washdown area has two sloping surfaces to an offset central drainage gulley.  The shorter side will be used for the sink and rope washer; the larger side is designed for laying out oversuits, undersuits and lager items to be cleaned.  The mud washed off will drain to the silt trap in the garden.

The Oubliette
With concrete now in abundance, the washdown area team declared that contrary to their earlier estimate, they now had too much material.  A little was used to complete the manhole surround.  It became apparent that the chamber was going to be very useful as an oubliette in addition to its primary function.  Mick Day was requisitioned to test this proposition.

A weighty problem .....
With too much aggregate having been purchased, Vince was left with a full trailer and no lifting gear.  Clockwork cavers swung into action as soon as the difficulty was recognised and set up a rope and pulley system.  Fairly soon afterwards, the bags of aggregate were slid off the trailer and into the old oil tank area for storage.

Ladies' Showers
Most of the tiles were now done and the upstands put on top of the floor tiles.  There remained a number of difficult shaped tiles with plenty of cutting to do.  As much was done as possible before erection of cubicles started on the following day.

Setting the position of the shower heads was critical as it had been not quite right in Gents.  With the arrival of the Club's only 1830mm female, a simulation took place to ensure that sufficient clearance was designed in for both the x/y and z axes.  She pronounced it satisfactory, if a little lacking in water.

The Last Supper
As is usually done at Working Week, those present celebrated another 7 days of labour with the final evening meal; trout or pork as preferred.  Although there remained a lot to be finished and cleared up, this is the turning point past which new jobs are not usually undertaken.  The Dragons were thanked for looking after everyone as well as ever and presented with peace offerings.

Note:- No rats were harmed during the taking of these pictures